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Auto Rickshaw Advertisement || Ads On Auto Rickshaw

Auto Rickshaw advertising ensures maximum visibility for your brand. The best feature is that the entire traffic conspires to become your captive audience, especially at traffic junctions where people need something to read until the signal light turns green! Hoarding advertising is costly and static, whereas an auto travels to every corner of cities. Rickshaws carry your brand advertising to different places! Rickshaw advertising has become the new hub for advertisers. Manufacturers get a great ROI from their advertising investment. offers auto rickshaw complete hood branding using rexine and back panel sticker branding. We have also covered major cities in India. This is the most successful method of advertising.

Best Auto Advertisement || Auto Rickshaw Advertising Price

  • Auto Rickshaw Advertising is effective because one Auto rickshaw travels minimum 130 to 150 kms in one shift so it catches maximum eyeballs in different areas of the city.
  • In Auto rickshaw advertising it just takes few minutes to grab customer attention. Selecting the best source of advertisement in a lower budget that promotes the business effectively is the best way to brand your project.
  • In Auto rickshaw advertising there is more visibility as compared to other outdoor media like displays, banners and hoardings. Studies prove that the viewership of auto rickshaw advertisements is more than 800 to 1000 per Auto Rickshaw.
  • Auto Rickshaw Advertising is always a great choice since Auto rickshaw tends to be found in busy areas, advertising in Auto rickshaw has significant reach. Thinking about it Auto Rickshaw go where the people are, which means your ad only goes where the people are.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Services || Auto Rickshaw Hood Advertising

Case Studies

Types of Auto Rickshaw Advertisement:

  1. Auto rickshaw small Back Sticker Advertising:
  2. Auto rickshaw big Back Sticker Advertising:
  3. Auto Hood Advertising:

Auto Rickshaw description:

  1. Auto rickshaw small Back Sticker Advertising:
    • Auto Rickshaw small back sticker advertising is a profitable advertising option for the company because it is directly visible to the public walking down the street. These back sticker advertising is placed behind the rickshaw in an upside small area which attracts the public in a direct way.
  2. Auto rickshaw big Back Sticker Advertising:
    • Auto Rickshaw Big Back sticker advertising will be displayed on the rear side of auto Rickshaw which will be large in size and directly visible to the people from any angle. These affects the firm in a huge manner. Big back Sticker is more profitable and affordable compared to small back sticker.
  3. Auto Hood Advertising:
    • Auto Hood Advertising is the well-aimed advertising service provided by our agency which reflects the sudden change in the marketing media. Auto hood advertising covers only rear side of Auto, including left and right area, in order to eye-catch the public in behalf of the company. Auto Hood advertising is the absolute method of advertising.

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