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Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising has been the longest-running form of advertising available for businesses to market their products and services. Newspaper ads have stood the test of time as one of the most enduring forms of marketing for businesses looking to promote their products and services. While placing an Advertising Newspaper in a publication might seem straightforward, there are key considerations that every business owner should keep in mind to ensure effective advertising. From the different types of newspaper ads, you can run to the design and best-kept newspaper advertising secrets techniques. By understanding these fundamental aspects of newspaper advertisement and leveraging them effectively, businesses can harness the power of this time-tested medium to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

Types of Newspaper advertisement:

1. Display and Innovation  Ads

  • Newspaper Display ads typically contain text, photographs, logos, maps, graphs, and other informational items. Newspaper display advertisements are used by large business establishments with larger advertising budgets. This type of advertising will generate a fantastic response from the target demographic. Additionally, the client has complete control over the position and size of the advertisements. As a result, the cost of Ads will be calculated. We recommend that you take front-page and jacket advertising as well for a better result.

Types of Display and Innovation ad :

  • Quarter Page Ad Rates: Newspaper Quarter-page advertisements come in a range of sizes, catering to different needs and budgets of advertisers. For those on a tight budget or looking to promote a specific product, the Quarter Page ad, measuring 16 cm in width and 25 cm in height with an area of 400 sq. cm, is an ideal choice. Quarter page ads typically range in price from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 250000 approx, depending on the newspaper and its placement page. This size is also perfect for announcing sales, highlighting customer testimonials, or sharing company news.
  • Half-Page Ad Rates: For advertisers keen on reaching a broader audience and desiring more space for their promotions, the Half-Page ad is suitable. Half-page ads typically measure 33 cm by 25 cm and range in price from Rs.150,000 to Rs. 5,50,000 approx depending on the newspaper and its placement page, it is not only eye-catching but also provide ample room to showcase a new product line, launch a marketing campaign, promote events, or tell a brand's story. 
  • Full Page Ad Rates: The Full-Page ad, as the name suggests, occupies the entirety of the newspaper page. Spanning 33 cm in width and 52 cm in height, and covering an area of 1727.25 sq. cm, it's the most expensive yet most effective newspaper ad option. Full-page ads typically range in price from Rs. 4,50,000 to Rs. 7,50,000 approx, depending on the newspaper and its placement page. It's the best platform to introduce a new company, announce significant milestones, share an in-depth brand story, or create visually stunning advertisements. 
  • Jacket Front Side Ad Rates: For those seeking premium ad placements ensuring maximum visibility, the Jacket Front Side offers unmatched prominence. With dimensions of 33 cm by 52 cm and an area of 1579.2 sq. cm, this advertisement rests on the front page of the newspaper. Jacket front side ads typically range in price from Rs.250,000 to Rs.550000 approx, depending on the newspaper and its placement page. It's perfect for product launches, major sales announcements, generating excitement for special events, or creating a lasting brand impression. 
  • Jacket Back Side Ad Rates: The Jacket Back Side shares the same dimensions but offers a prestigious position on the newspaper's back page. It's an impactful choice for showcasing new products, sharing compelling brand stories, highlighting customer success stories, or launching long-term marketing campaigns. Jacket backside ads typically range in price from Rs. 350,000 to Rs. 5,00,000, the cost for all these advertisement sizes varies based on the newspaper and its placement page, ensuring options for every budget and requirement.
  • Skybus Ad Rate: Skybus Ads are displayed below the Newspaper Masthead as a fixed-size horizontal advertisement. The size of the Skybus Ad will be 33.2 in width and 5 in height. Newspaper Skybus ads typically range in price from Rs.250,000 to Rs.550000 approx, depending on the newspaper and its placement page.
  • Pointer Ads  Rate: Pointer ads are small-size ads of 20 Sqcm that appear on the front page. A minimum 30 inserts need to be taken. Newspaper Pointer ads typically range in price from Rs.200,000 to Rs.400000 approx, depending on the newspaper and its placement page.

2. Classified Display Ads

  • Classified Display- Display classified ads are a more advanced version of the classified ad type. This particular ad format is not limited to text or words or characters. It also has the scope of inserting images, and company or brand logos, adding customized header, footer, body, and border color, and also customized font style and size. These ads are quite prominent compared to classified text ads due to the format they follow. Classified Display ads are available in two sizes:
  • Single Column- Single column refers to ads that occupy only one news column in the classified pages which are about 3 centimeters in width.
  • Double Column-Double column ads are those which occupy 2 news columns in the classified pages which are around 6 centimetres wide.

These ads are priced based on the space they occupy on the newspaper page and measured per SQ. cm. unit. 

3. Classified Lineages Ads : 

  • Classified Text- As the name suggests, text ads are basic run online advertisements that include only words or text. Classified text ads can be priced based on the number of words, lines, or characters that are used in an ad matter. If an advertiser is willing to spend slightly more on text ads to make them more prominent then they can even use ad enhancements. These enhancements are highlights that are added to help the ad stand out among the rest of the text adverts. The highlights include the following options:
  • Tick– A tick is added at the beginning of the first line to make it more noticeable
  • Screen Border- The entire ad matter is outlined with a thin border to single it out from the rest of the text ads
  • Color Highlights- Highlights the background consisting of the text with the preferred color
  • Bold and Underline- The selected section of the text or the entire ad matter can be underlined or printed in bold

In the case of text ads, the categories and subcategories need to be specific and clear to ensure that they are printed under the right heading on the classified pages.

Newspaper Ads

The various types of newspaper advertising are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Recruitment Ads: Recruitment advertising indicates that a small-medium business requires a qualified, efficient, and skilled person who fits their specified qualifications. These ads appear under the headings Situations Vacant or Situations Wanted. In this situation, the recruiter has included necessary contact information, qualifications, job description, age category, and required skill, among other things. These advertisements are typically found in classified ads. However, you provide classified display ads in exchange for a high level of attention to your advertisements.
  • Property Ads: These ads can be used for a variety of trade and commercial activities, such as the sale, purchase, or rental of any house, property, shop, or other property by the individual property owner, landlords, or even real estate agents. Ads can be posted by anyone the buyer, the seller, and the brokers. They mentioned all of the specifics about the property or residence in these ads, including the rate, area, and location, as well as specific Demographic requirements (which are commonly seen in rent ads). Property advertising and real estate projects should not be included in classified ads. However, you can position adverts according to your requirements and budget.
  • Obituary Ads: It's also known as Death Notice. Classified advertisements include obituary messages. You can express your feelings to your loved ones among relatives and friends through Obituary Ads by sending a message (death) with images. You can send a note remembering the birth and death anniversaries of your forefathers and other loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord. Condolence messages, Funeral Invitations, Remembrances, Tributes, and more alternatives are available. You can post the Obituary message or Obituary Ads in the classified section, as well as Display ads. You can give it whenever it is appropriate for you.
  • Matrimonial Ads: We believe Matrimonial Ads to be a current concept of searching for a bride/Groom throughout the city/state who meets all of the conditions mentioned. They mentioned qualifications, Job description, Bride/Cast, Groom's Religion, Community, and many more as per their convenience and requirements. You have the option of releasing classified ads in textual format (In-Text/LineageForm), or you can publish ads in the display section with appropriate requirements and present all information in a wide place. We provide you with a newspaper with a readership of over 1,00,000 in a number of languages. As a result, you'll be able to exactly match the Bride and Groom.
  • Business Ads: In India, 80% of small and medium-sized businesses choose newspaper advertisements. These types of company advertisements are typically posted in the classified ads section. In general, we find that any proposals or requirements connected to business are included in the Business category. i.e. required distributors/wholesale/retail, channel partner, investor, business-related services & promotions, and soon. Anyone who requires the services provided here. We assist the 1,00,000+ newspapers in a range of languages.
  • Announcement Ads: We previously mentioned how Matrimonial Ads are one of the most popular types of classified ads. It includes personal announcements such as name and address changes on legal papers, legal notifications, lost and found objects and people, marriage notices, lost share certificates or legal documents, and many others. It will appear in classified ad sections. These are mainly for personal or government reference purposes.
  • Education Ads: They promote adverts in the Educational category in any form of an educational institution or coaching classes/centers. It is frequently found in small or low-budget advertisements. You can promote your business by placing advertising classified ads and classified displays. Those with a large marketing budget may choose display ads for effective marketing and reaching their target audience.
  • Personal Ads: Personal advertising is advertisements that are personal in nature and can be about anything such as events, birthdays, thanksgiving, and so on. Individuals place these in a personal category.
  • Public Notice & Tender Notice Ads: You can publish your tender notices or auction ads publicly. The tender notice includes a summary, quantity, specifications, EMD, document cost, and important dates such as the bid submission deadline, document purchase deadline, pre-bid meeting date, and so on. Corporate, Company and the High Court will issue the same public notice. The tender notification includes a signature of authority, proper time, date and place, agenda, enclosure, and other information. It will be charged according to the size, as well as the newspaper.
  • Astrology Ads: This is a well-known term in India. Many people in India believe and trust in Astrology. They feel that Astrology will definitely solve major and rigid problems. Any astrologer who may assist those people in resolving mystery problems pertaining to family, business, job, marriage, health issues, wealth issues, Vastu Shastra for Home & Other Business Property, and many more. Those who promote their expertise among some of the needy. We are here to assist you. As a result, the needy will enjoy the best results. We provide the astrology category in over 1,00,000 newspapers in different languages. 

Why Newspaper Advertisement With US?

We have been offering 360° service media PAN India since 2015.So far thousands of organizations have realized the benefits of engaging with us through advertising and to promote their product and
to expand and get more boosting for their business. We have developed to be one of the largest Private Limited Advertising Agencies in based in Mumbai.

We execute through our words:

As an advertising agency, in the obtainable market, we value our name, brand, and title. We do not make false commitments or exaggerate our numbers or figures in order to gain popularity or “market share." Our reputation means everything for us.

You have a variety of options:

From a simple, one-time advertisements to effective promotional plans and worldwide campaigns that advertises locally, nationally or specifically at such a target market, our variety of advertising services may meet all the requirements.

Without final approval, nothing is executed:

Our team works with you through the proofing process until you are self-satisfied that the ad is ready for execution.

We have our own creative and operational teams:

Our operations and design teams are led by experienced professionals who understand our working process and our advertiser’s requirements. These teams serve us throughout the country and are based in our Mumbai head office (Borivali). They are available during standard business hours and are also supported by a variety of new Innovative ideas and excellent work processes.


1. What is newspaper advertising?
  • Newspaper Advertising simply means a printed advertisement that is published in a newspaper. Newspaper ads run in local, national, daily, or weekly news publications have been one of the oldest and most widespread forms of advertising different brands, products, and services. Newspaper Ads still hold a lot of potential to bring in customers. 

    2. What are the Benefits/Advantages of newspaper advertising?
    • Newspaper advertising brings a lot to the table. Here are some worth mentioning advantages of newspaper advertising.
    •  Broader and Extended Reach: When we talk about digital ads, an average user spends almost 8 seconds on one ad. Honestly, that is a very short time to impress your target audience. However, newspaper advertising gives businesses a better chance to reach their target audience. People spend more time on newspapers because most newspaper readers consider newspaper reading as a leisure activity. 
    •  Affordable: Newspaper advertising is a very flexible option in terms of affordability. You can run an expensive ad as well as a cost-effective ad depending on your budget. In fact, newspaper advertising is relatively cheaper than many other forms of advertising.
    •  Focused Targeting:  Newspaper advertising allows businesses to target their audience in a better way. For instance, if you want to target a specific area or city, you can get your ad published in a local newspaper.  You can even advertise for a specific community. Similarly, you can switch to national newspapers to target a large-scale audience. 
    •  Highly Engaging:  Newspapers are famous for their credibility, and readers have more interest in getting reliable information from newspapers. This automatically increases user engagement, thus giving your ad a better chance of getting noticed.
    •  Trust Factor: Yes, social media and other digital ads may have been the latest trend, but 34 percent of consumers still trust print ads, and this percentage is higher than search engine ads.
    •  Action-oriented: Newspaper ads prompt many consumers to act. 

    3. Is Newspaper Advertising Still Effective?
    •  Newspaper advertising can still be effective, but its effectiveness can depend on various factors, such as the target audience, the type of product or service being advertised, and the budget for advertising. Here are some pointers to consider:
    • Target audience: The effectiveness of newspaper advertising depends on whether the target audience reads newspapers. If the target audience is well-educated individuals who prefer print media, newspaper advertising could be effective.
    • Product or service: Some products or services are better suited for newspaper advertising than others. For example, local businesses like restaurants or retail stores can benefit from newspaper advertising to attract customers to the area. However, for larger national brands with a broader target audience, there may be more effective forms of advertising than newspaper advertising.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Newspaper advertising can be expensive, especially for full-page ads or ads in popular sections. It’s important to consider whether the cost of advertising in the newspaper will provide a good return on investment for your business.
    • Visual appeal: Unlike digital advertising, newspaper ads cannot include videos or interactive elements. Therefore, creating visually appealing ads with eye-catching headlines and images is important to capture readers’ attention.
    • Brand awareness: Consistent advertising in the same section of the newspaper can build brand recognition and improve the effectiveness of the ads over time.
    While newspaper advertising may not be as popular as once was, it can still be effective for specific businesses and target audiences. Considering the above pointers is important when deciding whether newspaper advertising is suitable for your business.

    4. What are the benefits of booking my advertisement through your platform?
    •  We offer you a platform that facilitates online booking of Classified ads in a simple, seamless & quick manner. You can avail of our platform without leaving the confines of your home or office & we shall ensure your ad reaches out to a wide array of audiences.

    5. How to publish ads in newspapers?
    •  Smartads help to publish ads in newspapers in very quick and simple ways by using the filters an advertiser can rapidly compare several publications' newspaper advertisement rates, contrast them, and make a final reservation.
    To put your ads in the newspaper, follow the steps below: 
    • Visit the newspaper page on our website. 
    • Select an appropriate category under which you want your ad to be published.
    • It could be matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, obituary, etc to name a few. 
    • Select a suitable location of your choice to place the ad and add order to the cart 
    • Place the order and for your assistance, our representative will coordinate the creative and payment process.
    • Once the booking is completed you will receive the confirmation by mail for the newspaper advertising placement.

    6. How much does newspaper advertising cost?
    •  In Smartads, advertisers can specify the location and type of classified ad they're interested in to get accurate rate comparisons.

    There are two types of classified ads available: 

    Classified Lineages Ads are simple text advertisements and are charged according to the number of words and the number of lines used. Classified text ads also include the option to add enhancements, for which extra charges apply. The enhancements you can choose from are:
    Background colors
    Tick marks

    Classified Display and Display Ads include richer formatting for text advertisements. These advertisements are charged based on square centimeters occupied. Display ads are printed in the form of boxes or chunks in the newspapers. Display ads are often based on everyday products such as home goods, electronics, cosmetics, etc. Classified ads are mostly specified listings and make things easier for people to find their relevant ads. Common examples include announcements, pets for sale, local activities, employment wanted, etc. Classified display ads include:
    A variety of fonts
    Images and graphics

    7. How do I know the readership of a Newspaper?
    •  The number of readers of a Newspaper also known as readership is reported by the IRS (Indian Readership Survey). As this is paid data, please ask your Newspaper advertising agency or the publication to furnish this. One should look at this data before placing an ad in the Newspaper.

    8. Will Smartads help me design my ad?
    • Yes, Smartads can help you design your Newspaper ad. The cost of Newspaper ad design would depend on the brief and is not included in the newspaper advertisement rates mentioned on the site.

    9. How do I get discounts while advertising in Newspapers?
    • Smartads offers a comprehensive approach to securing discounted rates for newspaper advertising. By providing information on factors like ad size, brand category, and the number of inserts, advertisers can receive tailored discounts for newspaper ads. 

    10. What is the deadline for booking the Newspaper Ad?
    •  Having to submit the ad one day in advance for daily newspapers ensures that advertisers have ample time to finalize their ad content and arrangements. This ensures smooth printing and publication without any last-minute rush.

    11. How would I know if my ad was published?
    • Smartads would provide you Epaper of a Newspaper on the day the ad is published. In a few days, you will be receiving a hard copy of the newspaper within a few days provides tangible proof of publication. This process ensures transparency and accountability between advertisers and Smartads.

    12. In what format do Newspapers accept ads?
    • The accepted Newspaper advertising format is PDF. It's a widely accepted format that preserves the layout and content integrity, ensuring that the ad appears exactly as intended in the printed newspaper. 

    13. What if my advertisement is published with incorrect details?
    •  Smartads will not be responsible in case wrong details are provided by the user while booking the advertisements and the same is published. No refund can be initiated if the said advertisement is published.

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