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Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising we see today and is still the first kind of advertising that businesses think about doing. You can target your ads to the appropriate markets by requesting that your ads run in the sections that most closely relate to your target audience-be it sports, lifestyle or business. Like all forms of advertising, your print ad costs will depend on a lot of things-the size of your newspaper ads-what publications you use, what sections of the papers you want your newspaper ads in, the frequency with which you run the advertisement in newspaper, and whether you use color in your news paper advertisement. As technology continues to modernize how information is accessed, advertisers are faced with the constant challenge of how to best reach and engage customers. While there are a variety of mediums to choose from, newspapers-print and digital-still reign supreme, providing a number of significant benefits that cannot be found elsewhere, including television, radio, and the Internet. Newspapers offer better targeting. Newspaper advertising is more affordable. Newspaper advertising typically costs less per thousand readers than television, radio, and direct mail advertising. Newspapers are green-Print newspapers biodegrade in six weeks. You`ll see that newspapers, in any format, are an important vehicle to reach an audience that is highly desirable to advertisers. 89 million adults access newspaper content on their smartphones or tablets in a typical month. Readers are highly engaged with newspapers in print, online, smartphones and tablets because they value the news, advertising and local feature coverage. One of the strong benefits of newspaper advertising is that newspapers offer a variety of ways to target a particular audience. Newspaper advertising offer a wide reach to target any audience an advertiser is looking to reach. Newspaper companies offer their readers a variety of platforms to choose from. Readers place a high value on the ability to consume newspapers in the format that is most convenient and useful depending on the time and place. There are many options to choose from when deciding which type of newspaper advertising is right for your business.


newspaper ads

Newspaper ads, few more tips: Use the bottom section of your newspaper ads as a coupon to provide an added incentive for readers to visit your location. Be sure to put an end date on the coupon. And use the coupon to track the response rate of your ads--you`ll know how good your ads are by the number of people using the coupon. Be sure your print ad corresponds with any other advertising you may be doing for maximum impact. Add your URL to every print ad to drive people to your website where you can tell and sell them more and provide a coupon to print out when they get there. When it comes to proofing, check your phone number, your URL, any percentages off, brand names, and every other detail to be sure what the reader sees is what you intended. Get another pair of eyes to check for mistakes, too. Classified text ad is the most cost effective form of advertising in Newspaper. Ad appears in classified section in simple running text format. Charges per Line/Word, Enhancement option available. Economical and tariff per line/ word. Advertisement in newspaper is in simple text format with no design. Various enhancements like Tick, Border & Bold available. Display ad is the most costly option in news paper advertisement but with freedom to customize Ad Height & Width with Page Choice (Front / Back / Page 3) appearing beside editorial content. Display ad is a creative ads using concepts and design. More expensive as ad size is bigger. This Ads can be displayed anywhere in publication. Classified display ad is the second cost effective option of newspaper advertising. Classified display ad is expensive than running text ad but more visible, Design your ad using Logo/Images, Rates are charged per, Greater visibility and bigger size, Graphical elements can be used in Classified display ad. Tariff on per sq. cm or col. cm basis. Newspapers have long been shown to be a trustworthy source of information. A recent study shows that newspaper is the most trusted paid medium at 58%, followed by television at 54%, radio at 49% and online at 27%.


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Advertisement in newspaper can target specific demographics that are traditionally more difficult to reach through other mediums. This targeted advertising can range from simple inserts to regular weekly sections in local newspapers and other special publications. In addition, the short lead times of newspapers allow for quick changes to any ad, while still meeting the necessary deadlines. Advertisers choose the exact size and location of the ad including section and page, as well as design. Newspapers offer more flexibility than any other advertising medium. Unlike other mediums, such as the Internet, they also choose the exact time the ad appears and its frequency, ensuring that readers will see the same information, in the same format, in the same location. This allows advertisers to more effectively reach smaller, niche audiences, including those in specific geographical areas. News paper advertisement is more flexible. News paper advertisement reaches more customers. Advertisement in newspaper can also integrate print to web features, such as QR codes, to link readers with relevant web-based information, including special offers and more. Newspaper advertising can also be customized to meet any budget. The decline in newspaper ad revenue means fewer print and digital ads are included in each circulation. Though declining in readership-an average issue of a daily or Sunday newspaper reaches more adults than an average ½ hr prime time television show. Additional discounts can be provided for increased ad coverage and frequency. Newspaper readers are also more affluent. While advertising mediums continue to expand with technology-the flexibility, targeting, affordability, and reach of newspapers make them the most trusted and reputable source for effectively reaching customers. Whether you’re a well-known national company with a large budget or a local business with a small budget, most newspapers provide a variety of options to suit your needs. Whereas the average attention span of an Internet user is 8 sec, readers spend considerably more time reviewing information in newspapers which also includes newspaper advertising. Newspaper audiences have proven that they find the medium more engaging and have less distractions when compared to other mediums such as television.


news paper advertisement

News paper advertisement are an effective way for businesses such as retailers to target shoppers. Unlike other mediums, newspaper advertisements can be quite easily altered or changed if a business decided that an advertisement is not working. As long as the new material is provided before the given deadline, businesses are able to change their ad to something more suitable. This also allows you to trail types of advertising and see what works best. It has been shown that news paper advertisement are the most trusted medium for shoppers as well as the most favored medium for shopping advertisements. When choosing which type of newspaper advertisement you would like to purchase, a business must consider a number of factors including who their target audience is-their budget and so on. Many other media platforms are in constant contention with other mediums to gain the business. However, newspapers are different. Newspaper ads provides people with a wide range of advertising options from large full-page spreads to small advertisements in the classifieds and everything in between. Almost every home in India receives a newspaper, either at the newsstand or by home delivery. Newspapers permit an advertiser to reach a large number of people within a specified geographical area. A reader can refer back to, or even clip and save, a particular ad, yet tomorrow’s edition is new and fresh and as eagerly sought by the same reader. Most paid-circulation papers-both daily and weekly, reach the majority of homes in their primary city or town. The newspaper offers a predictable frequency of publication - once, twice or up to seven times a week. Short deadlines permit quick responses to changing market conditions. People expect to find advertising in their newspapers. Newspapers have immediacy. You can place an ad on Monday and be getting results before the week is over. In fact, many people buy newspapers just to read the ads from the restaurants, movies and discount stores. An advertiser has flexibility in terms of ad size and placement. Production changes can be made quickly. If necessary, a new insert can be added on short notice. Advertisements can be examined at leisure. Exposure is not limited, so readers can take their time reading the messages. You can reach certain segments of your market by placing your ads in different sections of the paper such as-sports, comics, crosswords, news, classifieds, etc. It offers a great variety of ad sizes. If you don’t have a large budget, you can still run a series of small ads. Newspaper supplements often feature certain subjects that readers pull out and save. Many options are available. Copy alone; copy with graphics; black and white; or full color.

Newspaper Advertising in India

  • Newspaper Advertising in Mumbai.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Delhi.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Kolkata.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Bangalore.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Ahemdabad.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Surat.
  • Newspaper Advertising in Pune.
newspaper ads in India

  • newspaper ads in Mumbai.
  • newspaper ads in Delhi.
  • newspaper ads in Kolkata.
  • newspaper ads in Bangalore.
  • newspaper ads in Ahemdabad.
  • newspaper ads in Surat.
  • newspaper ads in Pune.
advertisement in newspaper in India

  • advertisement in newspaper in Mumbai.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Delhi.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Kolkata.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Bangalore.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Ahemdabad.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Surat.
  • advertisement in newspaper in Pune.
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