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Mon-Sat 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Sundays by appointment only!
Media Details
  • Auditorium 1

    317 seating capacity
      317 seating capacity. Advertisements will be shown Friday to Thursday

    There are two types
      There are two types of Ads in cinema slide ads and video ads. In slide ads, the slide is played on screen with or without audio score in background. And in Video ads is done with help of video. Both the ads can be played either before the movie begins, during the interval or both.

    Rate per Screen / Per W
      Rate per Screen / Per Week

    Minimum Size
    10 Sec Slots

Media Reach
  • Projection Format

    Projection Format


Inox Cinemas Advertising In Delhi Rangoli Mall Cinema Advertising

CinemaAdvertising, through INOX EROS ONE, will lead to impressive brand outreach,considering the number of screens nationwide and their respective seatingcapacity. With a collective reach of more than 2.6 Lakh people, displayadvertising at INOX EROS ONE would ensure a high ROI for your advertisingcampaign and successful execution of your advertising strategies, leading to adistinctive and widespread Brand Positioning amongst the target audience. INOXEROS ONE provides a multitude of On-screen and Off-Screen advertising options,ranging from Onscreen Audio-Visuals to Banners, Lift Branding, Poster Cases,Seat Flaps, Popcorn Box Branding, Trivisions, and a lot more options fordisplay advertising. With the right campaign for your marketing strategy,advertising at INOX EROS ONE would lead to an enhanced Brand recall rate withits 360 Degree in cinema advertising environment, ensuring an impressive ROIfor your advertising budget.

Cinema Advertising Inox Cinemas Advertising In Delhi Rangoli Mall

Inox Cinemas in Delhi uses unconventional advertising methods to stand out among the thousands of advertisements that people are exposed to daily. Traditional mediums of advertising such as television, print, and radio are being replaced by new and unorthodox marketing methods. Inox Cinemas marketing strategies rely on creating striking advertising experiences that capture interest through creativity and unpredictability. They achieve this goal by placing ads in unusual places or displaying them in unusual ways, hoping to command the attention of unassuming viewers.
Inox Cinemas ads are often considered more organic, authentic, and relevant, making them more appealing to consumers. They also tend to be targeted, speaking directly to specific demographics on their own territory, which is more cost-effective. Inox Cinemas advertising in Delhi can deliver huge returns on investment.
However, Inox Cinemas media is unpredictable, making it difficult to know if a campaign is working. It relies on methods that fall outside the traditional marketing practices, which can make it challenging to quantify and measure success or failure. Poorly executed campaigns can confuse consumers and create a negative image around a company.
Inox Cinemas marketing in Delhi is flexible, uncertain, and subjective. It focuses on execution above planning and creates "buzz." It is cheaper and relies on free advertising as much as possible. Non-discriminatory, all-inclusive, and efficient, Inox Cinemas marketing strategies stand out among traditional advertising methods.

Inox Cinemas Advertising Low-Cost Option In Delhi Rangoli Mall

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